Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Showing off yet another polyester printed shirt, but this one by far is my favorite! It was a gift from my freind Karen of Misha LuLu. It has a 1920's flapper girl repeat print. It's actually made of the softest polyester and is nice and snug to the body. Karen had mentioned I should wear it with a high-waist pants, exactly how I pictured it styled when I first saw it!

I found the rusted door pictured behind to be a accidental work of art. I always find myself looking at it every time i drive by. The rust gives it an amazing pop of color!

At times I regret tweaking certain vintage items, in this case it's the necklace I'm wearing. It was much longer, but at the time it did not appeal to me to wear it that long. Now, I sort of want to kick myself because it is a glass bead 1960's necklace; can't you just imagine it long? Oh well, you learn quick, I cut the necklace down 10 years ago, and taste sometimes change.

Do any of you still like printed polyester tops.....or I and Karen the only ones, haha?

Vintage 1970s printed flapper girl top, gift
Vintage 1960s glass bead necklace, thrift
Vintage 1970s navy patent leather belt, thrift
Vintage 1970s high-waist Levi's wide leg pants, thrift
Mia clogs,



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