Friday, February 17, 2012


The crazy weather in Southern California has definitely kept me on my toes when it comes to dressing. It's been so up and down! One day freezing, next day hot, another day raining. So today I took the liberty of layering so if it did get a little hotter I can take one layer off....which I eventually did!

I dug this gorgeous high-waist wool skirt out of the back of my closet and did not realize what a pretty fit it had; I then looked at the label and of course it fit well, it was after all a Calvin Klein. I was going to pair it with an ascot top but i deemed it too Liberian for me;  I felt it made me look older, haha. The skirt is a lovely tea length, which has recently become one of my favorite lengths as of late. And as always high-waist beats low waist any time in my book. The top has a bow & polka-dot print, but my favorite part is the collar which looked perfect with the layering of the sweater. 

Vintage 70s bow & polka dot top. thrift
Calvin Klein high-waist pleated full wool skirt. thrift
DKNY textured black tights. Marshalls
Vintage 80s leather & suede black oxford shoes. thrift
Vintage 60s wool & leather Pierre Cardin purse. thrift

Wishing you all a fun weekend!



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