Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm back from the dead! I came down with one of the worst colds I've had in over a year. It was all respiratory so that combined with my asthma has been deadly. I found myself glued to my bed for the last 3 days, having such a lovely teenage girl taking care of me and things around the house. Thanks my Zoe!

I've been dying to sport this hat and vest for a while now, and finally I was able to with the temperature drop in sunny California. Having traveled to a few states California hands down has the best weather for warm blooded folk like me. In my excited to sport the vest and hat I decided to channel Annie Hall minus the over-sized pants and belt. I went for super casual mens wear chic, combining it with rolled up jeans and woven 80s flats. It's one of those outfits I feel you can have loads of fun inter-changing and finding different mix of wardrobes...I think I just might take that challenge and see how many combinations I can make!

blouse: Gap
vest: mens vintage 1960s Pierre Cardin
tie: mens vintage 1970s
jeans: BDG
shoes: vintage 80s woven flats, Cole-Haan 
hat: vintage 1970s 



  1. I was wearing a Annie Hall inspired outfit the other day too!
    So then....when are you coming?


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