Thursday, September 15, 2011


Just when i was breaking out the sweaters for fall because of the cool evenings and mornings we've been having...a few hours later i had to take it off because of the up and down California weather we have. now it's 80 degrees outside and no longer sweater weather at all. it's just how it is here, very tricky and you never now how to dress for the day during the fall / winter months. 

This sweater which i'm afraid will soon fall apart on me because i wear it so much, is one i wish i can clone because of it's slouch fit, puffy sleeves, and soft slubby yarn. i love the pastel colors as well, a different color palate far from the usual fall color scene. i mean i do live in California where we still wear sandals during the winter...that's why fashion is so fun, there really are no rules except what fits your body type best, in my opinion.

As far as my hair (as some of you may have noticed i cut it short), i like that i can style it behind my ears or make it a messy bob like style. it's nice having options, something that i did not feel i had with my longer hair; it was very hard to manage. i'm going to go even shorter in a few months. i just love having fun with my hair once i go short, which is every few years. luckily hair grows back and that's one way to make changes that are not permanent! 

top: vintage 80s pastel slubby sweater, thrift $1
jeans: BDG, urban outfitters $10
boots: vintage 80s 9 west cowboy boots, thrift $5
accessories: antique over-sized ring, gift // vintage 70s medallion necklace, thrift $1

I did good on the over all cost of the outfit, a whopping $17! love it!



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