Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy 4th to you all! i broke out my vintage scarfs and found a perfect red, white & blue one. actually one of my favorites. it's a 1960's Mod one with whales as a print. i definitely fit the occasion in this outfit. 

Zoe and i started the day with a picnic breakfast in our front lawn. every year our little town has a 4ht of July parade and every year i sit in our lawn sipping coffee to watch it. but this year was a little different being able to do this picnic with Zoe. since moving to California in fall 07 she has never spend a summer with me, she always goes to spend her whole summer in Miami with her dad. this year because of special circumstances she's spending it with me. we are definitely making the most of it!

I made chocolate chip pancakes for her (her absolute favorite) and regular for me accompanied with kiwi; very refreshing on a very hot morning. our little Cody also joined in on the party, it was truly a very Americana morning! 

Even Mama Pete (top right picture) was still wheeling in the parade, she is all of 95 years old! I hope to be as active as her if i get the pleasure of turning 95. 

We are off to Long Beach to celebrate with friends and watch some fire works over the ocean. Wishing you all a safe one!



  1. Sounds like you had a great time!


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