Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Flashback: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It's been ages since i've done a movie post! i've been meaning to because i'm constantly scanning the costume design which serves as inspiration and flashback to that times trends. it's why i've changed the blog post to fashion flashback instead of movie night. not all the movie's Zoe and i watch on movie night have the best costume design

This weeks film is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. two of the main characters in the film are a very young and still so very cute Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt whom i loved in her role; you could tell she was going to be a big actress one day. the movie has all the 80's cutesy cheese-ball ingredients, new wave fashion, the cute boy which the girl gets and all the very cool 80's dance moves. 

The costume designing that stood out the most for me was Helen Hunts character. her style was very kwirky cool. two favorites  were the head pieces she wore, a plastic dinosaur head band and a cricket bill box hat

I also like the Catholic School Girl Uniform along with it's tie. we hated uniforms as kids, yet when you really take a look at the workmanship and details from vintage uniforms they were really beautifully made and fashionable. too bad they're not made as good today.


source: all pictures taken by me except movie poster from google images


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