Tuesday, March 6, 2012


As fickle as the weather has been here in Southern California, the smells of spring are already in the air. The sweet smell of magnolia hits Zoe and I as we head out the door for our daily morning ritual of walking our dog Cody; a very nice scent to awaken too I must say. As I mentioned last blog post, I'm working this week with Misha Lulu and we are all hustling to get Fall 12 samples done by this Friday! Comfort was key, so decided on a Mexican bohemian look on this surprisingly warm day. I threw on my favorite high-waist bell bottom jeans and paired it with a very cozy cotton embroidered top. It gave me enough arm space to do my "thang", like cutting lots of garments! I think I could of gone with-out the platform sandals, but hey, a girl just wants to look cute!


Vintage 1970s high-waist bell bottom Levis, flea market. Vintage 1970s cotton Mexican embroidered top, gift. Vintage 1970s gold & wood bead necklace, thrift. Vintage 1970s wood bracelet, thrift. Platform sandals, Target.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?



  1. Lovely blog! Just found it. We seem to have both love vintage. Really like your Mexican tunica - it goes so well with the jeans!

  2. OMG! chica you look amazing! miss you


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