Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Happy mid-week! I am finally starting to get rid of this cold! I've been sick 3 times within a 2 month time span, this one being one of the worst. It has made me re-evaluate how I need to take better care of my body and get this immune system strong. So I'm cutting down on sugar and eating allot more fruit and vegetables and of course the best medicine of all....sleep! One of my big sugar cut downs is coffee, YES coffee. Besides my body basically asking for it every morning, I sugar and cream my coffee up big time and tend to drink about 4 cups a day, no bueno. It's been a nice change of pace not having to reach for that cup to get me up and going.

Well, on to the SHOP update. I posted quite a few blazers up and am fancied with the velvet burgundy wine one in particular. Click on the pictures to get the details:



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