Monday, December 26, 2011


I love doing these post! It's been a while since we've done one And I've noticed some of my most popular post I no longer do, go figure! Reflecting, re-evaluating and goal writing for 2012 is my mission this week as the year ends and a new exciting year begins. It's been quite a journey this year, a few mistakes made along the way but what's even better is what I've learned from them, can I get an Amen! On the very top of the list though most importantly is how my faith and trust has strengthened in Christ, on a more personal note. 

Well, in today's Mother Daughter outfits Zoe and I were heading to a lovely out door wedding. For the 3rd time in 2 years Zoe wore a dress...yes! The difference this time is that she actually bought this one herself and it is all her.

It's a pretty pale pink lace number from H&M. I thought she would naturally gravitate to the black one but to my surprise she picked this one. I loved not only seeing her in a dress but that she experimented a little and chose a new color for her closet. The color looks great on her and matched perfectly her personal trade mark style, her black low top chucks.

I wore and borrowed a vintage 1970's dress from the Shop seen HERE. It was going to get a bit chilly so I opted for the maxi look so I could wear black tights under! I paired it with what Zoe named my gorilla coat, a faux fur coat I bought at a thrift from F21; and my Vince Camuto platform western clogs to give me that extra height. I like how maxi dresses look with platform shoes because I like the look of how it hangs. Also, if it weren't for these shoes Zoe would surpass me in height!

I actually did accessorize this outfit quite well but forgot to put on all my bling for the shots. It gave it more of that complete Ashbury Street Bohemian look. 

Overall, it was a beautiful wedding and Zoe and I enjoyed the opportunity of dressing up! 

on Zoe:
H&M lace pale pink dress
black Chuck Taylor low top Converse

on me:

Vintage 70s floral maxi dress giselandzoe vintage shop
Vince Camuto black western platform clogs
F21 faux fur black coat from le thrift

P.S., I've been having fun looking up tutorials on a whole lot of everything on youtube, thanks Stephanie! I have found a few tutorials on making pictures look vintage, there will be a learning curve until I find the look that is just right. We are also going to make some video's ourselves and have signed up for our own youtube channel, another exciting addition for 2012!


  1. Too cute! Saw your photo on Chictopia's Style Gallery - really like the mom and daughter theme! : ) Sharing the passion - nice.

    xx, Crystal

  2. Your daughter looks stunning! I saw this dress in h&m and loved it, your daughter accessorised it perfectly with the converse trainers!

  3. Even with your platforms, it looks like your daughter surpassed u in height by a little. I wish I had her length. Lol

  4. Such adorable pictures! you girls are soo beautiful.


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