Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Wow, two days till Thanksgiving! Zoe and I are off to our second road trip to Las Vegas within a three week time span! I'm not complaining though, I know what awaits me is the best home cooked Thanksgiving dinner ever, thanks to my beautiful mom.

Here's a small SHOP update with our other lovely model named Zoe, which you all may recognize from her Grand Theft Thrift blog. She seriously is one of the sweetest models / bloggers I've worked with thus far. We've become fast friends! I really enjoy seeing which outfits she has put together on her blog, which are mostly thrift store finds. You should check out her blog if you haven't so already.

All items are in the SHOP now:

We will be taking the rest of the week off to concentrate on a mega sale this Friday through Monday and a mega update next week. Sale details coming tomorrow!


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