Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A little vitamin D from the sun is always a good thing. When you work from home and your computer faces the window, the outside world calls out and it's hard to resist. I like going outside after being indoors for most of the day, sometimes most of the week, and feeling the sun on my face. Just standing there feeling the sun’s rays, if only for a minute, is so refreshing and energizing; especially while taking in all the beautiful surrounding colors. Who would of thought Los Angeles was only palm trees and city with no seasons. I'm glad that a little season comes to visit us here in Southern California although it'll soon be leaving us (hence my clever title....pun intended).

This is Outfit 2 of my "wear or purge" closet challenge. Here I'm wearing high waist polyester Levi's pants, a favorite of mine for it's high-waist fit, although I wouldn't mind changing the fabrication; and my favorite space dyed Missoni-like cardigan which I borrowed from my best friend Viv in high-school (circa 92) and never returned (along with a few other you Viv)!

top: heathered tank top, Urban Outfitters
outerwear: vintage 70s space dyed cardigan, Viv
bottoms: vintage 70s high-waist Levis, thrift
accessories: antique over-sized ring, gift
shoes: clogs, Mia



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