Monday, November 7, 2011


To my surprise, I captured the last beams of light breaking through the trees just as day was coming to an end, now practically at 4:00 p.m.! It was not my intention but I really like how they came out. I already had the blog post name in my mind having thought of calling it black on black; due to the layering of a black sweater over a black button up shirt, plus my jeans. I went for the more obvious name, and how pretty are natures colors, just amazing. Looks as winter has come upon us here in sunny southern California as well. I'm not quite ready to embrace it, especially the heating bill; but I am enjoying bringing out my boots and sweaters!

TOP: vintage 70s button up, thrift
SWEATER: vintage 60s mens sweater, thrift
JEANS: Abbey Dawn, company i used to work for
BOOTS: vintage 70s, ebay
ACCESSORIES: vintage 60s Pierre Cardin wool handbag, thrift
                              over-sized onyx & gold ring, F21



  1. I'm in LOVE with this post!



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