Friday, June 3, 2011


As you guys can see Zoe has been doing such a great job for me modeling. it's taken so much stress off me in trying to book models on a already very tight schedule. i do plan on still using different models but at the moment the convenience of it all has been great for me. and in turn Zoe is getting a sweet deal by getting paid in clothes! a teenage girls dream!

Zoe poses for me while i test lights and makeup. she does the silliest things and i won't embarrass her in posting those pictures. our cute Cody muffins got in on the fun this time. he is such a ladies man; he has both Zoe and i wrapped around his little paw, pun intended.

How can you resist that little smirk?! wishing you all a blessed weekend!



  1. I am loving your blog. I'm a rookie, so I'll check out your blog every chance I get :-)

    By the Cody for sale??

    ...I'm kidding ;-D

    1. haha, i'm glad you stumbled upon us! if you read my latest blog post, it's my thoughts on how hard it's been to keep my blog keep at it! you'll get there :). i know Cody is too cute, we love our chocolate bear!


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