Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After a very rough and joyous week (yes i know ironic), i want to get back into the swing of things this week with a little inspiration. i realized i loved sewing in junior high in home economics class in 7th grade. we had to sew a stuffed animal for one of our class projects and i immediately was hooked from that point on. i ended up buying another stuffed animal pattern from my teacher just to do for fun over the summer. that was the crack in the door towards my love for sewing.

When i hit high-school i discovered my love for vintage seeing all the cool baby doll dresses and polyester pants in those days (early 90's) roaming the halls. i hit my first thrift store in 9th grade and that was the crack in the door towards wanting a career in fashion design. then i started learning and researching about past designers and fell in love with the youth quakers of the 1960's. Mary Quant, Pierre Cardin, Biba, Andre Courreges and Ossie Clark. their are others from that period that i love but these are my ultimate favorites!

This week i'm admiring Mary Quant, the queen of the mini skirt. the other design element i liked  was the use of the peter pan collar in her work, can i say swoon...

Like Anna Wintour's known for her perfectly impeccable bob cut, Mary was known to sport the famous Vidal Sassoon coif. i belief she still styles it pretty much the same today, that's almost 40 years sporting a bob..she wears it well.

I love all the small details, buttons, yokes, stitches, collars, so great. that's what catches my eyes first are all the details. saw this pattern for sale on Etsy. the picture alone is great.

pattern found HERE.

If only their was a time machine to transport back to the days of the swinging sixty's and go shopping in London's Kings Road!

A better look at Mary Quants designs from 1969.


video: you tube. pictures: google various sources


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