Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Sunday, May 27, 2012


I seriously sometimes forget how great the fashion was in the 1990's. This was my "generation, having been a teenager in the early 90's. I now recall how many different fashion trends were happening at one time back then. Grunge, 70's hippie and bohemian looks were back in a big way, 60's Mod and the whole "Club Kid" looks were in. I dabbled a bit in all, mostly wearing vintage versions of the current trends. I remember having a pair of black velvet burnout bell bottoms like the ones above; boy I wish future Gisela could off told me "do not get rid of those!" I'm in love with the purple velvet Richard Tyler ones above; and how awesome is picture #3, an Anna Sui ensemble? And Kate oh Kate you are too cute!

Vogue 1992 Editorial 
Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier 
Beautiful makeup by the late Kevin Aucoin


Thursday, May 24, 2012


BDG tank, UrbanOutfittersvintage 70s cut Wrangler jean shorts, thrift / vintage 80s Ikat belt, Gisela&Zoe vintage shopvintage 70s silver medallion necklace, thrift / silver cuff bracelet, gift / onyx ring, F21 / Mossimo sunglasses, Target / Mossimo gladiator sandals (a few years old), Target

Oh these days have been gorgeous. The temperature in my town has been at a perfect 75 degrees going into the 80s. At this point, I can't picture myself living any where else that is colder then this! I do love summer clothing and nothing beats a pair of cut up jeans in my book! I like that I can cut them to my liking in length, because with hips like mine I know how short they need to be to make my legs look just right. Plus in the retail market the selection is either too short or too Missy; I'm neither customer. So I'll be scouring the thrifts and flea markets this summer to build up a pretty nice collection for myself, and I'm sure I'll be doing it for half the price! 

What's your favorite summer staple?


Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello there, I know it's been quite a long time since my last blog post! I took somewhat of a non announced break from blogging because to be honest I just did not know if I wanted to keep doing it any more. Blogging for me became more of a chore then a form of expression, in which was one of my original intentions when I first began to blog. Within the time I stopped blogging I came to the conclusion about two things, one, many have discovered my vintage shop because of my blog and two, I really enjoy blogging about what I want to blog about. 

I went back into my archives and realized that my niche fell into the department of lifestyle blogging back in 2009 & 2010, more then I thought so. I use to share about my happenings with my amazing daughter Zoe. Blogged about snap shots of our adventures and our mommy daughter dates. I shared about movies, fashion, quotes, inspiration and pretty much all the things I enjoyed. And of course I shared shop updates and happenings. 

Then I did the big no, no. I started wanting to shape my blog into more of a fashion blog only, which clearly I was not. Although I am a Fashion Designer, blogging about pretty much that one topic including style post did not come naturally to me. It's just not what I really only like blogging about all the time. I also started comparing myself to other blogs and again a big no, no. You just can't do that, as cliche as it is you do have to find your own voice and be yourself. My bud Karen and I have had countless discussions about this, questioning yourself, how do you compare to other blogs, blah, blah blah. I felt a bit lost in this huge world of  blogging. 

And then of course you want followers, again you can't compare. I actually had more followers back then when I was more myself, than I do now; that should have been an indication to me. I also must admit that I have never been a consistent blogger, which makes you unpredictable and many folks just move on.

So with that said, I begin a refreshed chapter in blogging and I am rekindling what I know and love most. It's probably going to take a bit of time shaping my blog to what I want it to be but I know I'm going back to my roots and blog about what I enjoy best!

I will be bringing in new features like d.i.y's and food, which if I was not a Fashion Designer, I would have probably wanted to be a Chef. I also will only be blogging three times a week, which is what I know I can be consistent with.

For all those who have stuck with me, thanks! And to any new readers, I hope to see you here again!

Lots of love,


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hi Guys! This vintage cuteness is all in the shop right now. Click on the pictures to get the full details!

I have to say the blue stove pipe pants are my favorite, I have been looking for a pair for me that fits my hips properly because these have the tendency to make them look bigger!

Our shop: Gisela&Zoe


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Woo-hoo, Misha LuLu just updated their site with their new Spring 12 collection! Karen's knack of drawing the best illustrations never ceases to amaze me. Hello, did you see that beautiful circus dress at top left corner? This spring brings the love of gardening, nautical sails and the circus to town. What a great variety to choose from! Here's hoping she has some of that left over circus print in that beautiful ecru fabric. Karen sometimes offers left over past season fabrics in her Surplus Store, you should check it out. 

Pictures courtesy of
Spring 12 collection in stores now, for stores click here.


Monday, April 16, 2012


Outfit Details:

Banana Republic scoop top, thrift
Teal colored jeans, borrowed from Karen at
Vintage 80s Ikat belt, borrowed from the shop here
Cote Ikat tote bag, Urban Outfitters
Bangled cuff bracelet, gift
Onyx ring, F21
Vintage 70s Elephant Heart bead necklace, thrift

Can you tell Zoe and I were having a little fun with this outfit shoot! I always enjoy my little photographer helping me out; a nice change from looking at a tripod. Loose jeans are my ultimate favorite comfortable outfit besides cotton sun dresses. And it's perfectly coincidental that this color is trending right now since these are borrowed from my buddy Karen, whom purchased them a few years ago. It really gives the outfit a perky and eye-catching look. 

On this day Zoe and I were pretty much on a, laid back, go with the flow kind of kick. We took Cody to have a little fun at the dog park and ended the day at yummy In and Out. We are just bursting with excitement about our trip to Austin / San Antonio Texas coming this Wednesday. My little brother will be graduating from the air force and many of my family members are going to support him. I'm so proud of him! I'm also going to take advantage and make it into a buying trip and can't wait to show you what goodies I come back with!


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